I'm keeping it brief with this lesson--that's to demonstrate how truly easy it is to make STRONG connections with people on Facebook.

We call this the Alex Wang strategy, named after a fantastic Bay Area real estate agent who has generated a lot of goodwill (and a lot of business) by doing two things: paying attention and being generous.

Step 1 of this is super easy. You're already on Facebook, now all you need to do is PAY ATTENTION. Read your newsfeed like it's any other day, but look for "big events" people are taking part in right NOW.

When you see a status update from a friend asking where they should eat out at tonight, or a check-in from an airport, or a picture from their vacation at Disney World, it's go time.

Step 2 is to send them a gift (or a gift card). Pony up for a gift card to a restaurant you know they will love. Pay for them to get a massage at the airport spa. Buy them a gift card for the shops at Disney. The key is to do this while they are still there! (I use a great mobile app called Gyft that makes this super simple)

Imagine your reaction if someone did that for you. "Holy shit, that was REALLY nice!"


The next time that person needs help from someone in your field, they're going to remember what you did for them.

Until then, they'll just be telling everyone they know about how cool you were to them.

Everyone writes HBD on our wall, think outside the box, do more and use what your network is sharing in real time, to do something for them when it matters the most.

I call that #Peoplework.