Great Facebook Pages generate tons of leads, create a sense of community, and build your brand.

Watch Neal "The Deal" Mitchell cover 3 of our favorite Facebook Pages in Real Estate or read below...

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The Best Facebook Page for Hyperlocal Content Curation:

Judy Weiniger - The Weiniger Group

What we love about Judy's page:

Judy contributes to her community by consistently creating great posts that are relevant to people in her area. She shines a spotlight on local events and businesses and cements her status as the Digital Mayor of her town. It's a win-win.

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The Best Facebook Page for Video Marketing:

Amy Youngren - The Urban Lifestyle Group

What we love about Amy's page:

Amy Youngren has become a real estate rock star by embracing video as a way to engage with her community, infusing her listing videos with personality, storytelling, and professional quality cinematography.

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The Best Facebook Page for Lead Generation:

Joe Herrera and Taylor Prince - The Joe Taylor Group

What we love about Joe and Taylor's page:

Leads. Leads. Leads. 10,000 of them in one year, to be specific.

Sometimes what you don't say is more important than what you do say. The Joe Taylor Group sticks to tons of photos and simple copy that includes everything but the vitals.

The Joe Taylor Group gets tons of leads through their landing pages, but they don't stop there. Plenty of people respond to their listing ads with questions like "Price and location?" Instead of leaving it there in the comments, they send a private message and reply "Check your inbox." 

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