Recorded May 9th, 2016.

First Call

  • Beme - An all-new, human way to record videos using your phone
  • UTM Builder - Track where your traffic comes from
  • Oribi - Facebook ad performance analysis

Advanced Video Marketing Key Stat

96% of marketers are planning on using video next year and yet only 18% report that they are having success.

Pro Tips

  • Shorter is Better. Explainer videos, bio videos, whatever it is: shorter is almost always better
  • Start with the takeaway, then introduce yourself
  • Audio quality is as, if not more, important than video quality. 

Video Apps for Real Estate Agents to Try

Tips from guest Josh Hasty

  • Plan ahead
  • The Golden Hour - Shoot 1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour before sunset. That said, pay attention to the weather!
  • Remember, it's still marketing: What's the Call to Action?
  • Take your ego out of the situation
  • Take a course -

How real estate agents are using video marketing for lead generation

Judy Weiniger is using video marketing for her real estate business and getting big result...

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