Here the best ideas, software, blogs, marketing tactics, books, podcasts, and sales tips of 2015 in a rapid fire format!

Links to all of the tips and tools we mention during the show are available below the video

Best of 2015:

Best email app of 2015 is @InboxByGmail:

#WaterCooler runners up are: Outlook, Spark and Boxer, Front ,

Best productivity tool of 2015 is @SlackHQ: #WaterCooler

iPhone app of the year is @periscopeco: #WaterCooler

Best app of 2015 for salespeople is Charile (@AppCharlie): #WaterCooler

Best stock photo site of 2015 is Pexels (@PexelsPhotos): #WaterCooler

Best lead generation tool of 2015 is @EmailHunter: #WaterCooler

Best design tool of 2015 is @Canva: #WaterCooler

Best podcast of 2015 is Conversion Cast by @LeadPages: #WaterCooler Podcast. Runners up are: The Distance, Tim Ferris, StartUp Season 2 and The Craft of Marketing by Seth Price

Best photo editing app of 2015 is Typorama (@typoramaapp): #WaterCooler runners up: Retype, Layout

Best video editing app of 2015 is @Replay_App: #WaterCooler

Best direct mail innovation of 2015 is @Bond. Robots write for you: #WaterCooler

Best ad unit of 2015 was @Facebook multi-product/carousel ads: #WaterCooler runner up: Lead Gen ads, Boosted Photo Albums, IG ads

Our entrepreneur of the year is @Jack: #WaterCooler

Biggest tech flop of 2015 was the iWatch: #WaterCooler

What's Next in 2016?

Oculus Rift/VR

Relationship/sphere marketing (loop and tie,

Influencer Marketing will become normal Untethered iWatch

Voice is better than ever (Alexa, Siri) for our live shows

2016 is when lead conversion becomes > lead generation so BUY THIS BOOK: