On episode 3 of Calls with Chris Smith...

  1. Sharpen your skills/axe (podcasts, books, scripts, role playing, industry insights) If I had an hour to chop down a tree...VC mindset of 10% better per week 10 week summer = 100% better! 
  2. Add new technology (Is there a better GoToMeeting tool for your business? Chorus has been HUGE, personalize a theme for a client on the fence, do a deeper more custom proposal, use BombBomb to do video follow up, better sales training platform like SalesHood, autodialers like Mojo)
  3. Use voicemails as a strategy (short, custom, upbeat, intriguing)
  4. Write better emails (and send more of them) (Jeremy example was huge where he offered to send them a MONEY email template, if they replied)
  5. More focus on referrals and upsells (MUCH less seasonally impacted) Block a day a week to ONLY focus on current clients, not leads and pipeline. Ask for a list of all your Net Promoter Score 10 ratings and CALL them plus send a handwritten thank you with your p.s. "Text me when you get this!"
  6. Better promos and discounts (we have our coolest, most expensive promo ever going right now, that's not an accident) I am willing to be more lenient than normal because it is slower than normal. Darin example of Video package for existing customer upgrading to marketer
  7. Work weekends and evenings - If you are NEVER prospecting at night and on the weekend change up your schedule and you will be blown away. There are leads you will NEVER reach unless you try this!
  8. “Cold”, focused outreach via SEO, PPC and portals. LinkedIn (we NEVER use LinkedIn to prospect as an inbound, now we have time) focus on connections of current customers who are the happiest

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