Curaytor's Neal Mitchell hosted a webinar on email marketing strategies worth copying before introducing Curaytor's latest lead follow-up innovation: Curaytor Brain.

Watch the video and check out our free resources below for:

  • New Email Marketing Stats and Tips 
  • Free Places to Find Great Emails
  • 5 Email Templates You Can Use Today

Get all the stats, templates, and resources mentioned in this webinar in the posts below.

12 Email Marketing Stats to Live By

What's the best time of day to send an email? Is it okay to use emojis in my subject line? Should I put pictures in my email? Videos? We found statistics to help answer all these questions and more...

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5 Email Templates You Can Use Today

Successful email marketing is all about delivering the right messages to the right recipients. In this article, you'll find 5 emails built to generate responses from specific targeted audiences.

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Free Places to Find Great Emails

Whether you're looking to acquire more clients or provide great service to ones you already have, email is still one of the best tools you can use. Beef up your email game with messages from these awesome resources...

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