First Call: New apps, trends and technology to look out for:

  1. THETA360 (A new 360 degree camera that creates immersive virtual tours)
  2. Dropbox's Project Infinite (A big development for cloud/local storage) 
  3. Snapchat for Businesses (For now, people probably DON'T want to look for houses on Snapchat)
  4. BOTS (Facebook is all in on conversation bots to humanize online business opportunities)

Facebook Tools You Should be Using:

  1. Likealyzer (get an instant grade for your FB Page) 
  2. Page Insights: Pages To Watch
  3. AutoResponders for Pages

Great Facebook Pages You Should Follow:

The Joe Taylor Group

The Urban Lifestyle Group

DIGGS Real Estate

Read more about how the best Facebook Pages are run: 7 Great Facebook Pages Worth Stalking.

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