As a newer real estate agent, New Jersey-based Jonathan Greene knew he was on the early side of mastering this world. It’s why he turned to Curaytor -- for its sales and marketing coaching, not just for its integrated technology.

Greene has received 37 high-quality seller leads since starting Facebook ads through the platform on March 14. He continues to get at least one new seller lead each day.

“I can tell it’s not going to stop,” Greene said. Since hiring Curaytor he’s become a team -- Trust Greene -- with two buyer’s agents. He’s currently hunting for an inside sales agent.

Greene said Curaytor’s beautiful website design gives him extra confidence in his sales process; he knows leads will be blown away by the site.

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Growing listings was Greene’s primary goal for bringing on Curaytor (he had three listings in 2015, his first full year as an agent). He needed a smart system and strategy that would attract sellers in the right way, then properly incubate them over the often long timespan between contact and action.

In real estate’s swelling digital age, leads gush into agents’ databases like floodwater plummeting over Hoover Dam. Unless they have a smart framework and clear strategies for cultivating and closing them, the leads will flow downstream to other agents.

That’s what Curaytor’s system addresses.

It focuses on the full sales lifecycle, from lead-generation to closing table. Diving into its system will give agents a window into why they should develop an overarching strategy that encompasses every step of their sales process.

A full sales cycle strategy

Curaytor offers integrated tech -- like email marketing, a good-looking website, cutting-edge customer relationship management platform just to name a few of their offerings -- but its real value is in the coaching, support, and proven lead-gen, cultivation, and sales strategies, Curaytor co-founder Jimmy Mackin said.

If agents don’t have a smart, integrated strategy at every step along the lead-to-client lifecycle -- generation, incubation, closing -- they waste energy, time and money.

Curaytor gives its clients like Greene a smart framework for their marketing.

Four pillars undergird the Curaytor system: Content, Advertising, Blasting and Selling (CABS). Greene is hitting them all hard.

CABS Content encompasses items like valuable blog posts, how-to videos, and listings. Careful curation of this content exhibits expertise, delivers value and builds trust -- the gateway drugs to a full-blown relationship. 

Advertising involves paying to expose that content to a target audience. Facebook is used heavily for this in the Curaytor system. 

Blasting involves keeping in touch with the contacts agents pull into their databases with their valuable content and smart advertising. 

Selling covers the act of closing the deal, winning the client. Curaytor Co-founder Chris Smith dove deep into this art and science in his new book The Conversion Code.

For content, Greene has developed evergreen articles (for first-time homebuyers and local school information) that live on his homepage.

In addition, he has created templated blog posts on subjects appealing to homebuyers and sellers that he updates once each week. These include a list of the week’s best listings in his two primary markets -- Bloomfield and Montclair, New Jersey.

He then advertises these articles to targeted audiences on Facebook. This brings buyers and sellers to his website, where prominent calls-to-action next to listings and in blog posts encourage them to register with their email address and phone number.

Just two weeks into executing his Facebook ad strategy, 82 people have signed up to his site from his ads.

Once visitors to his website create an account, they are automatically added to his contact database, which he blasts periodically with targeted, well written emails. These emails help him stay top of mind; and through Curaytor he sees which contacts open which mail, which also helps facilitate a conversation when he reaches out and keeps him focused on the contacts most likely to transact.

With Curaytor’s help, Greene said he has built the “perfect” marketing email, one that’s not overrun with call-to-actions or that looks like the traditional "newsletter" agents send.

Greene’s emails have a clickthrough rate of more than five times the industry average.

His email design and strategy are working.

While his email open rates hover around the real estate industry average of 21.5 percent, Greene’s clickthrough rates average approximately five times the standard 2.0 percent. Greene’s last five emails averaged an open rate of 10.9 percent. (*Standard email marketing stats from email marketing platform MailChimp).

Buy-in = results

A Testarossa can grace your driveway, but if you never learn to drive, it’s beauty will shine but never take you anywhere.

This is a common real estate vendor dilemma. Agents buy smart, capable systems but fail to use them properly and waste potential.

That’s one reason Curaytor sees coaching and support as its core service. The firm has eleven development, design, and service employees on staff who respond to Curaytor clients’ needs. They handle 100+ phone calls a week and thousands of emails a month, Mackin said.

Jimmy Mackin and Curaytor co-founder Chris Smith have curated a detailed, thorough onboarding and coaching series to get new clients up to speed fast.

Mackin calls Greene a Curaytor dream client. He’s jumped all in and experienced what Mackin calls his “Magic Moment” early on. This is the moment when a Curaytor client first follows the system and witnesses its effectiveness.

Greene felt this when he first ran through a CAB cycle. Results were immediate, he said. And his sales fever kicked into high gear.

His real estate career already on an upward trajectory, Greene was primed for Curaytor. A former lawyer and long-time real estate investor, Greene has a familiarity with the industry that extends far beyond his 22-month-old real estate career (he owns multiple investment properties with his sister and has been involved in real estate since his father was boosting him over the fence of foreclosed properties to get a better look). As a single dad, he left law for real estate to build a career more conducive to spending time his two children.

To get clients to their magic moment as quickly as possible, Curaytor designed a three-step onboarding process: Context, Execution and Optimization. Context provides a full picture of the system; execution focuses on putting the strategy into practice; and optimization deals with measuring and improving processes to drive better results and growth.

Mackin hosts a weekly one-hour “Refresh” webinar on Thursdays that addresses optimization. A recent one, for example, focused on designing a content strategy that fuels growth.

Greene’s areas of biggest improvement since bringing on Curaytor are:

Facebook ads: timing, call to action, design 

Blog posts: carefully placing links in blog posts and making sure the main call to action is first. 

Sales: Dig deep with clients to assess what they actually need. Can use that to close.

Like life, success with the Curaytor system does not involve following an unchanging formula; it’s more of a framework, Mackin said. To grow, clients must constantly measure and tweak their systems as technology, their audience and their businesses evolve.

Editor’s note: Greene hired Curaytor in January and launched the system on March 1st. He hired the firm after following it as a fan for months and after hearing about Curaytor client Amanda Todd’s success. Like Todd, he’s a newer agent and a single parent.

Why did you hire Curaytor?

I was light on listings and wanted a dedicated way to get listing opportunities. I was confident as a closer, but needed a unique way to get myself into those conversations and then I knew I would turn them into appointments and then closings.

What has it done for your business?

It has propelled my business in every way. The pro-level Facebook training alone has greatly grown my following in a very short time. When I hired Curaytor I immediately hired a team and rebranded as Trust Greene and the launch was perfectly coordinated.

What’s your favorite feature?

I am really into aesthetics so if I had to pick something, it would be the website. It is so visually appealing. Every time I send a link to a spot on my site I know people will be blown away.

In addition, the coordination of its tech has freed up an hour for me each day. Curaytor, Follow Up Boss and Happy Grasshopper sync together in almost perfect unison to make my life so much easier.

What is it allowing you to focus on now?

I have really taken my focus and placed it ALL on listings. I hired two buyers agents to take care of buyers and I still work with them, but my main priority is now listings and nurturing them. I am also focused on building my team out more. I’m currently hiring an inside sales agent and doing everything possible to get the absolute MOST out of Curaytor every day.