When it comes to the social media, there's Facebook...and there's everybody else.

And since you're probably spending a fair amount of time there anyway, you should have a clear strategy for generating and cultivating quality connections and leads on Facebook.

At Curaytor, we developed what we call "The 3-3 Technique". This is done using your personal profile on Facebook.

"The 3-3 Technique" is how we block off time to make authentic, repeatable moves on Facebook each day.

You might be thinking, "How do you scale authenticity?"

Here's how:

Write on 3 of your friends walls per day and start 3 private chats a day.


I don't mean lame posts. I don't mean self-promoting posts. I don't mean spam.

I mean as you find and read or watch content each and every day, try to think of the ONE person you know that would like it as well. We are always so quick to share things on Facebook with everyone, that we rarely share things with anyone...

By posting on 3 people's walls, you'll make at least 3 people feel really special per day. And that's not even counting their friends who will also see your post.

3 people a day = 1,095 people a year.

Add the 3 private messages each day and we're talking about 2,100+ people that you've can have an authentic, one-to-one interaction with on Facebook, per year.

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