When you’re a six figure employee, the only two things that matter are focus and mindset. Once your axe is sharp enough, all you need to do is apply a scalpel to your schedule. 

These apps will give you better focus and time management.

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RescueTime - If you find yourself wondering where your day went, I recommend trying RescueTime. It's an app that will give you a perspective on where the inefficiencies are in your day and helps keep you on track through goal-setting. Once your inefficiencies are determined, you have the option of restricting access to distracting websites or social media platforms. You can even go as far as setting a timer— a limit of 30 minutes for Facebook, for example— for these sites. Alternatively, you can set an alarm to alert you when you’re ready to revisit them.

Test out this app by downloading it, then working as you normally would for one week. At the end of the week, you’ll have a detailed, graphical analysis of where your time is going.

135list - The philosophy behind this “to do” app is the idea that, in one day, people can only accomplish 1 big thing, 3 medium things and 5 small things. The idea is for you to narrow your to-do list to only these 9 things.

This convenient app is available for mobile or via Chrome extension.

[email protected] - Scientists have discovered that, based on your personality, there is a certain type of music that is engineered to put your brain in a flow state to make you hyper-focused. It is predicted that you can become 4x more productive by using this technology. After taking Focus At Will’s personality quiz, you’ll receive a suggestion for the right ambient music to get your brain in the zone.

You can try [email protected] with a free 2-week trial. 

Remember, as a six figure salesperson, you already have your sales pitch, tactics and dialogue down. Now you need to worry about focus, time, effort and mindset.

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