I was speaking with a client recently and she was asking why more people were not seeing her Facebook Posts. After looking through her feed, I noticed that she was sharing the same type of content, every time. Meaning she was only sharing pictures, never links, videos or text based updates.

This is a common mistake that is easily fixed.

In fact, there are actually 4 primary factors in determining which of your Facebook posts get seen...and which don't:

1. Popularity of posts you've made in the past - If your prior posts get likes and comments, Facebook gives you the benefit of the doubt with your latests posts.

2. Popularity of the post with the people who have seen it - It's like a quick test based on how the first few people who see the new post interact with it.

3. Popularity of your posts with that specific person - If a user has interacted with your posts in the past, Facebook is likelier to show them more from you in the future.

4. The type of posts that a particular user likes the most - Personally, I click on a lot of links, so I get lots of links in my newsfeed. But if you or your friends like and engage with Check-Ins, you'll see more Check-In posts in your newsfeed. Facebook takes these behaviors and tendencies into consideration when placing your posts into other users feeds.

Takeaway? Focus on building affinity with your connections that matter the most and vary your Facebook post types.

Facebook's algorithm is know as Edge Rank, and it is highly complex, but these four specific factors impact your Edge Rank more than any others (for now).

Segments of your audience have different browsing habits and tendencies, so you should have posts with pictures, but also some posts with links, videos and even plain text.

Remember, this is not about what YOU want to see. This is about what your AUDIENCE wants to see and what Facebook best knows to show them.

Be diverse, be consistent and share this post if you just learned something new!