We’ve been busy managing millions of dollars in Facebook Ads for ourselves and our clients this year. What does this mean for you? New updates and info on how to improve your Facebook advertising strategy. 

#WaterCooler Episode 106, recorded live on August 24th, 2016.

Resources mentioned:

Product Hunt is a great launching pad to find tons of great resources.

For photo editing, we're big fans of Canva, PicMonkey, Ripl, and Over

For stock photos, we use Stock Up

Pro-Tips from Chris and Jimmy:

Great ads are not all the same they are all unique. Use different images, use different copy, find what that is so your brand can really begin to resonate.

20% of your ads will get you 80% of your results. So when you identify a 20% ad, boost it again. It’s not always about coming up with a new and better ad.

If you’re not doing great Facebook marketing, you’re not doing great internet marketing. If you’re not doing great Facebook ads, you’re not doing great internet ads.

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