If your website is not generating enough leads, this episode of #WaterCooler will give you the tools and advice you need to fix that problem, ASAP. Click below to learn how to capture a ton of leads using landing pages.

Top 3 places to link landing pages

  1. Facebook ads (PPC)
  2. Email marketing
  3. Website

Pro Tip: Once you implement landing pages into your online marketing plan, retrofit your website with links in your header, blog posts, and buttons on site to your landing pages

Looking for a landing page provider? Here are our recommendations:

Pro Tip: Continue the experience after they've completed the form. Don’t just say “Thank you for your information, we’ll follow up.” Go one step farther. “Thank you so much for reaching out, we’ll be in touch, while you wait, click here to read reviews from our clients." Or use the URL Redirect feature to send them to a page on your site.

How are your landing pages performing?

2-3% conversion rate is average, 5-6% is great, 10% and up is ELITE.

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