Your database deserves better marketing. On Episode 113 of #WaterCooler, we share strategies and ideas that will wow your past clients and sphere.

Resources Mentioned

  • - "Handwritten" Notes add a personal touch
  • Loop and Tie - Don't know exactly what to give someone? You choose the price tier, your recipient chooses the gift
  • Bloom That - Same-Day Flower Delivery
  • Gyft - If you give gift cards often, use Gyft. You can collect points for using their services

Other ideas


If you're going to have a booth at an event, you need to have a strategy. There's a reason hire facepainters for their booths: it creates a logjam. Parents aren't sticking around to talk to a real estate agent, they're sticking around while their child has a great experience. So have a real conversation with them, make a connection. 

Turn reviews into success stories

Take your testimonials page and turn it into great blog content. Longer, story-driven testimonials make great blog posts. Here's a great example.

Experience-Related Gifts

We covered the Alex Wang Strategy in The Conversion Code - if you see someone post about their vacation on Facebook, send them a gift at their hotel. A bottle of champagne, a massage from the hotel spa, something that shows you pay attention and will make their experience richer.