Looking to hire great people but don't know how to find them? 

Recruiting and hiring is a skill we've had to get a lot better at recently, so we thought we'd share some of our findings. This episode of #WaterCooler covers best practices to increase your success in hiring and retaining new talent. 

Sometimes you don't need more products, you just need more people. BUT some people get into trouble hiring people to make their lives easier. We recommend hiring positions that GENERATE MORE REVENUE. 

The job boards and hiring sites are better for the people looking for jobs, not looking to hire. If you're the one doing the hiring, you don't want a flood of resumes. You want a small number of legitimately qualified people.

Pro-Tip: Our "Apply Now" CTA is a Mailto: link and we fill in the subject line ourselves. It reduces friction and it makes it easy to find all your applicants in your inbox.

Hiring Principles Curaytor Follows

1. Hire slow, fire fast. Every new Curaytor employee has 3 phone calls before they're invited to the office. A call with Chris, a call with Jimmy, and a call with a member of the team they'd be joining. If any of those 3 results in a red flag, we don't hire that person. That's made the second half of this principle very easy for us to stick to: After 3 and a half years, Curaytor has an Employee Retention Rate of 100%.

2. Be uber-specific about the job that actually needs to get done. Don't sugarcoat it and describe the job you think the applicants want to have; you need to write what the job actually is. Set accurate expectations. Describe what the job really is.

3. Location is everything. Part of being great at business is coming in early, staying late, and doing it for a long ass time. So when we hired for our new Downtown Avalon Park office, we geo-targeted our Facebook Now Hiring ad to find people who live close to the office. No eligible candidates nearby? Then open up the radius a bit further.

Pro-Tip: A real salesperson establishes a problem before they start selling you. The salesperson you want on your team asks questions first.