Curaytor's New Facebook Registration Landing Pages

How To Use

1) Go to A Listing on Your Site

2)  Add Magic To The End Of  Listing URL.

3)  Click Dropdown Arrow On Landing Page and Select Facebook Registrations

4) Click Build Link 

5) Copy Link

6) Shorten Link At

7) Use short link in Facebook Promotion

How New Facebook Registration Landing Works

1) Create Facebook Listing promotion-

  *ProTip - Use Facebook Registration as part of the Call To Action.   "Use Facebook To Unlock Price and Location and xx more Photos"

2) Landing Page Optimized For Conversion and Accuracy.

A) Having the landing page look similar to the FB post will have a dramatic increase on conversion rate and increase in accuracy of data.

B) Easy for potential customers to complete Step 1 with a single click.

C) Name and Email pull directly from Facebook and are verified accurate by Facebook.

D) Two step landing page have proven to have a higher conversion, that combined with the lead only having to enter 1 field we are seeing a significant increase to conversion rates.  One a mobile device the phone keypad opens instead of the keyboard for ease of use.

3) Page Instantly unlocks and all info flows into FUB where action plan starts.