Are you getting leads from Facebook every month that are turning into customers? Curaytor's Facebook Advertising System is designed to create more website traffic, qualified leads and closed sales for your business. Hire a team of award winning Facebook Marketing experts, so that you don’t have to be one. 

Using Curaytor’s proven, proprietary formula we help you engage the right audience with the right ads. We currently work with hundreds of clients and manage millions of dollars each year in advertising on Facebook. We can help you avoid costly mistakes and run ads that get actual results. 

Curaytor can create and deploy Facebook Ads for you (using your existing Facebook Page) if you don't have the time, knowledge or person on your team who can. Most of our clients get hundreds (some even get thousands) of leads a month with our help. 

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Facebook Lead Generation + Conversion

At Curaytor, we believe that the fortune is in the follow up. If you aren't following up effectively with your leads or past clients, you are leaving money on the table. Period. Hiring Curaytor makes sure that never happens again. We set up a fool-proof, automated follow-up system for our clients that includes a CRM, lead tracking, lead routing, lead scoring, SMS auto-responders, drip email and mass email.

Our back end technology is completely integrated and easily enables our clients to perform these three core follow-up functions:

1. Follow up with new leads instantly

2. Follow up with the hottest leads daily

3. Follow up with past clients who are most likely to list or refer you business

When you hire Curaytor, you don't even need to worry about writing the emails or coming up with clever ideas. We have a team of copywriters on staff who research and craft the messages for you, plus we have a library of proven templates that convert buyer and seller leads ready for you to use.

Our Curaytor Marketers Rock

Let's face it, we all wish there was more time in the day to get things done. It happens to the best of us. Curaytor Marketer solves that problem for you. We create hyperlocal content, run Facebook Ads and send email marketing campaigns so you don't have to. Get back to doing what you do best. Working with people!

Our passionate marketers have degrees in advertising, marketing and PR. We hire them, train them and hold them accountable for results. They make sure that your digital marketing is high quality and extremely consistent. 

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Facebook Mastermind + Coaching

Do you need technology, sales and marketing coaching? At Curaytor, we take pride in making the best better. Our co-founders are two of the most influential people in the real estate industry and the coaching their Curaytor clients get in One on One, Group and Live Event settings is in a league of its own. We don't just sell you our system. We hold your hand every step of the way. 

We currently work with more than 650 of the top real estate agents and teams in the U.S. and Canada. Our Facebook Curaytor Client Mastermind is a vibrant place where we share best practices, new templates, case studies, client success stories, brand new technologies and online marketing strategies that are working right now.

All of our coaching is available on demand, on any device. We have completed hundreds of hours of technology, sales and marketing coaching that you will get instant access as soon as you sign up. Our robust archives include sessions like “Inside Sales and Internet Lead Conversion", “Getting Free Seller Leads from Zillow” and "How To Generate 100's of Leads from 1 Listing". Every new coaching session we do is added to our library within 24 hours.

Curaytor Reviews + Results

We are very proud of the fact that our customers at Curaytor give us rave reviews, regularly. Nothing that you read here on our website matters because every company tries to get you hyped up about their product. But remember, what we sell you is help, not hype. And what truly matters is what you will say about the work we do for you AFTER you hire us. 

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Our help isn't cheap and our system is not for everyone. We do amazing work for amazing people. Period. 

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A Letter From Our Co-Founder Chris Smith

I still remember walking into my first appointment at a real estate office as a software salesman. I was there to showcase the "power" of an "all in one solution" that would "pay itself back ten fold"... 

It was all hype and the agents knew it.

In fact, one of the ladies in the room stopped me about ten minutes into my pitch to let me know I was doing a great job, but that a smooth talker from my company had come a few weeks prior and said all of the same stuff. And it had worked. They all bought what he was selling and they thought I was there that day to help them with what they bought.

The hype had worked and now they needed some help. So, I immediately shifted the focus of that day's session to learning and they loved it. They loved it so much in fact that they started trying to hire me at the end to "do it for them." What became obvious to me during that training was that they needed help with WAY more than just the tools they had bought from the company I worked for. 

They needed help with their websites, they needed help generating leads, they needed help running Facebook Ads, they needed help with keeping in touch with their past clients and sphere, they needed help with converting leads...their list seemed never-ending.

What was also clear, as they struggled to press the right buttons with the clearest of instructions, was that real estate agents much preferred to spend their time focused on people, not pixels and passwords. 

So when I started Curaytor with my co-founders we decided that we would sell help, not hype. Today, we help hundreds of the best real estate agents and teams across the U.S. and Canada with many of the exact same things the agents asked for my help with back on my very first day.

We would love to speak with you about how Curaytor can help your business. 

Due to the level of custom help and coaching we provide our clients, we offer exclusivity by market and we do not work with new or part time agents. 

Please click here to check availability in your area.

-Chris Smith

co-founder of Curaytor