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About 6 months ago I made the tough decision to leave Curaytor

I was excited this week to get my site back up and running and to get back into the Curaytor family.

About 6 months ago I made the tough decision to leave Curaytor. The reality is- I'm not a mega-agent - I don't have a big team with ISAs, Buyer's agents, etc. For the longest time I've been basically a one man operation. I closed 39 deals last year - and my average price point is around $200k - so there's not much newsworthy about me as an agent.

When I first took the plunge with Curaytor - essentially as a brand new agent - that monthly fee was quite a line item on my expenses. As the months went by it was clear to me that I was among the best agents- the connections I made and the tools I had were tremendous- but that $1275 was kicking my butt each month- and frankly I just wasn't implementing them properly.

When I left Curaytor I attempted to put together a poor man's version of Curaytor- I kept my subscription with FUB and HG - and signed on with a provider called [Other Company] - it was ok- but I knew it wasn't the real deal.

In January, I flew out to Vegas to spend a couple of days with Joe and Taylor to dig deep on what they are doing with FB. I was in a room with about 10 other Curaytor clients for a couple of days. As we implemented the same practices- budgets, graphics, etc - there was no doubt that the Curaytor clients were generating leads at about 4x the rate that I was. The difference was Curaytor - specifically the tool you guys have built to capture the leads within FB.

You guys have built something great- as I'm sure you're well aware. It's quite an accomplishment to build a product, platform, and culture the way you guys have- and I'm privileged to be a part of it. I've just added two agents to my team- and I'm ready to take my business to the next level thanks to you guys.

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