Curaytor Marketer is a breakthrough innovation that automatically creates blog content for you, advertises it to the exact right audience and blasts personalized emails to your database to create engaged prospects for your sales team to convert.

We use a combination of advanced machine learning, actionable analytics and the latest real-time, cloud-based, high uptime reliability infrastructure to engineer Curaytor Marketer. 

The best part?  Marketer gets smarter and is constantly improving.

Through voice-based AI recognition, our Curaytor Marketer will continue to personalize your campaigns based on proven methods.

They are incredibly lifelike because, well... that’s because they actually are humans

We have learned that many of our clients love the technologies and strategies that will take their business to the next level, but they simply don't have the time to execute them.

Curaytor Marketer is the solution. 

The Marketer program removes all of the pain points around attracting, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding and then continuously coaching a marketing admin to handle your growth strategy. 

"We do not need to rely on a "solo" vendor or hire an inside employee, each of those come with their own challenges. Instead, we have an organization that has structure, this is the only thing they do, do it well and the most important... is always innovating." - Jorge Figueroa 

Your expert Marketer is fully trained by Chris Smith and will execute the Curaytor Growth Model on your behalf. That way, you can focus on what you do best while feeling assured that your professional marketing is taken care of.

They will create blogs.

They will run ads.

They will send emails.

Every. Single. Week.  

The hard part about growing your business isn’t knowing what to do, it’s actually executing.

Closed on the 3rd direct line Curaytor deal since launching our site in October (9 months)!!!!   I ❤️ my marketer, Lisa Palombo! I can feel her smile via email, never mind it’s most likely the 10th email I’ve sent her in a day... We have tons of engagement from our FB ads, get calls all the time asking who did our website and telling us how awesome it is! 

Jess is an excellent marketer and I can expect like clockwork a Monday morning email with the marketing plan for the week. I am in a booming market right now so it's nice to have everything laid out for me and the plan for success is easily achievable due to the Curaytor Staff and the Facebook Focus Group. I am a one man band or a Wolfpack of one (hangover movie reference) so I do not have the luxury of an Office Staff or other agents to bounce ideas off of. All in all the whole Curaytor package (Marketer, CRM, FB Group) is what I needed in order to stay at the top of the Real Estate Industry for my market.











Our sales volume has more than doubled from $2.8M as of June 30, 2016, to $6.3M as of June 30, 2017. We tripled the number of agents in the brokerage, and our Property Management Division has doubled, since June, 2016. We believe Curaytor Marketer is the main reason for this increase. #dowhatchrissays